I carry with me the vision of me on th beach glowing and at ease, as i embrace myself with love and acceptance because of you.  As i move through my days I will happily acknowledge your services and share with others the benifits of NLP and your kindness.  

It was a joy to meet you. 

Linda M. 

Lorraine gracefully guided me through a process of finding out the root beliefs I was holding onto that were holding me back from my true potential, and helped me form new beliefs that enabled me to accomplish things in my life that I would not have thought possible. Lorraine’s gentle approach and caring demeanor initiate a deep trust that allows you to explore all possibilities with ease. She helped me believe in myself and unveiled a confidence in myself that is priceless.

Nikki B.

Lorraine has made such a positive difference in my life, I’m not sure I can pinpoint which of her many talents created the biggest impact. 

My first session with Lorraine, I admit I was pessimistic, about abilities in general I had never considered to be tangible.  I will tell you now I am a believer.  Lorraine has coached me through a dense wet fog both personally and professionally.  I now have a great deal more clarity in what I sincerely consider to be important and how I want to share my talents with the world.  I am grateful that she has and continues to guide me in enhancing my self confidence, my beliefs and my own unconscious abilities. 

Lorraine asks me questions that encourage profound reflection and she guides me to some difficult questions I had been avoiding.  The tools she has shared will stay with me and together we have successfully sown some powerful intentions within my subconscious that I will harvest for many years to come!  I am truly grateful she is in my life!

Kimberly S. 

The battle against cancer is two-fold. There is the physical one, but equally important is the mental one. I am so fortunate to know Lorraine. Her guidance and mediation has helped me tremendously throughout my treatments and her compassion and understanding has helped steer me mentally through my journey as well.  Lorraine is a very peaceful person to be around. Her personality allows you to open your heart and speak in confidence to her feeling assured that your information will not go any further. She has a wealth of knowledge to share.  I enjoy immensely getting together to meditate, and feel very blessed that she is in my life.

Suzanne B. 

My sister is disabled and confined to a wheel chair. She has always been able to bear weight and transfer but her ability to walk was lost some years ago. A year ago she had a bad fall and broke her leg. This was devastating because not only were her summer holidays and visits with sisters completely lost, she had an extra long period she had to be in a cast.  When it was finally removed, she had absolutely no strength to even bear weight. Since she lives in a home for the disabled, the workers did not have time or wish to risk having her stand. So for months she was transfered with a lift.  The family was very concerned that without beginning to use her legs again, she would lose their use completely. 

We were fortunate to find Lorraine Thornhill who worked with our sister over 8 months. She supplemented the physiotherapy work our sister was getting in her care home.  It was Lorraine's expertise, patience and friendly manner that brought our sister to physical strength greater than before the accident! She was able to motivate her, to inspire confidence and believe that she could regain the use of her legs. Our sister takes pleasure in showing us what she has learned from Lorraine and how much stronger she is.

We feel indebted to Lorraine that our sister has recovered her abilities and can travel to see us and participate in many other activities.

Adrienne Shannon,  Kingston, Ontario

“I am the kind of person who thinks too much about everything!  Whether it’s during the day while I’m trying to relax with friends or when I’m trying to sleep....many, many thoughts just keep flying through my head.   I have also suffered from insomnia most of my adult life.  Now, in my late 50’s, I have been finding it particularly hard to push thoughts out of my mind at night, so getting to sleep has been a big problem.   Lorraine taught me a simple exercise to stop my thoughts and this technique has really worked for me day and night.   Lorraine also used hypnotic suggestion along with a guided meditation to give my unconscious mind the power to help me get to sleep at night – and guess what...it really worked!   I am now a total believer in the power of the mind.  Thank you Lorraine – you are a compassionate person and a total professional!”

Rosanne,  Oshawa Ontario

"If it weren't for Lorraine I truly believe that I wouldn't be as physically and mentally fit as I am today.  Her extensive training in many areas including life coaching, nutrition, and physical fitness offer her clients a package of healthy tools required to live a balanced lifestyle"  

Tara D. Uxbridge Ontario

Past Life Regression - Many thanks for spending time with me the other day.  I found the experience of hypnosis very calming, and felt its relaxing effects for hours afterward.  I'd very much like to come back and go even further into Past Life Regression.

Jill, Stouffville, Ontario

A year ago I had a shoulder injury and went for tests that came back negative.  After trying different medications and physiotherapy I still had pain in the shoulder. I decided to try Reconnective Healing provided by Lorraine Thornhill.  I had two sessions and my shoulder improved dramatically.  I was very impressed with it and would not hesitate to use it again in future.

Mike  S. Ontario  

In the past 6 months or so I have had night after night of interrupted sleep, waking several times throughout the night in a sweat.  This disruptive sleep made me very tired during the day.  I was made aware of the Reconnective  Healing therapy Lorraine Thornhill was providing and decided to give it a try.

The first night after just one session I slept through the night.  I have now had three sessions and I now sleep straight through the night and awake fully rested with much more energy.  I am delighted with the results and would recommend the therapy to anyone.

Paul. Richmond Hill, Ontario

I have a 16 year old Hanoverian Gelding who experienced Reconnective Healing from Lorraine.  She has a kind, gentle manner with these animals and after Lorraine’s session had finished i noticed how very relaxed and calm he was.  He had tears in both eyes when Lorraine was working on him, something I have not seen before.

He will definitely experience these frequencies again.

Baillie T.

Stouffville ON.

Last year while visiting family, I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand the power of Reconnective Healing. I had knee surgery on both knees and they were constantly sore and swollen.  After a few sessions my knees have calmed down and no longer are as painful.  I would recommend Reconnective Healing.  I was very impressed with the results.

Peter M. Yorkshire England

I had the huge pleasure of experiencing The Reconnection  in 2009.  During my sessions with Lorraine I experienced the presence of Angels.  There was brilliant, beautiful scarlet and gold light,  and an incredible sense of peace and love.  I felt energy travel through my legs, arms and hands, along with tingling around my head. What an incredible experience. 

Pat M. Yorkshire England

Thank you Lorraine! Participating in your hypnotherapy sessions for weight management was time well spent. Your passion, knowledge and desire to help were evident from the start. The individualized sessions allowed me to uncover information about myself and my relationship with food that has benefitted my journey towards a healthier way of life.  

With warm regards,


I wanted to wait a few weeks after the hypnotism sessions ended to provide feedback on the program.  I'm happy to report that I am still losing weight and am no longer experiencing food cravings or going back for seconds.  I feel at peace with my desire for ongoing weight loss.  I don't stress at all about it and I'm enjoying fitting in to my summer clothes that had become too tight to wear.  I highly recommend your program for anyone who needs to lose weight and has difficulty adhering to a weight loss diet.  It seems like magic and I'm so glad I signed up for the program,

Peter Burdon

Reconnective healing was very relaxing and helped me get centered again.  I felt energy moving all around me and I was one with the light that was channeling through me.  Your Reconnective Healing work is very powerful.”

Pam,  Ontario

Reconnection with Lorraine.  

My experience was something that I never expected.  As I relaxed in the beautiful room, I felt like I had energy strings being pulled from my body.  This sensation allowed me to realize that I am connected to the universe and that I am not alone. Lorraine was very gentle and caring and allowed me to feel very comfortable with my experience.  The balance I felt afterwards was amazing.

Thanks for the energetic boost and experience.  It is something that everyone should try and gain benefit from.

T. Kingston, Alliston Ontario

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