Stop Smoking 

Hypnosis, your key to a healthy smoke free life….

There are two main components to our mind.  Our conscious and unconsious thoughts.  Our conscious mind tells us the bad effects of smoking and wants to quit, while our unconscious mind continues with the patterns that it has learned over the years.  It does not hold the same thoughts as our conscious mind subsequently perpetually conflicting with our behavours.  With Hypnosis we work on the unconscious level to allieviate the incongruent state there by resulting in a positive outcome.  

Each hypnosis session starts of with a deep state of relaxation.  Allowing the body to release the stress and create an open mind for further understanding.  Through the use of positive, motivational suggestions the hypnotist will explore new ideas that support a healthy smoke free life. The freedom one discovers after the first session is profound.  

© Lorraine Thornhill 2017