Past Life Regression

Reincarnation is a theory and belief that our souls live on forever.  Each life our soul experiences gains knowledge and wisdom in that particular position.

It is believed that when we die, our soul lives on and returns in other bodies, different lifetimes and different circumstances.  We live in diverse cultures, races, socioeconomic levels and by doing so we learn and gain knowledge from all different experiences.  Living one lifetime is not enough to gain the experience our soul needs to grow, be humble, have empathy and be creative. 

When doing past life regression there is specific information that a client often wants to retrieve or discover.  As a result of discovering this information, we often are then able understand our current behaviour towards certain beliefs and then are able to release it, in turn creating a more harmonious path.  

Curiosity and entertainment often are the reasons people want to be regressed.  Knowing what type of relationships and to whom, we have had in the past often allows us to move forward and create a happier, more tranquile present and future soul. 

Past Life Regression is also a very powerful and effective therapy to heal deep cellular imprints.  During PLT (Past Life Therapy) deep cellular imprints are released and a greater sense of awareness as to why the imprint was blocking in the first place has come to the surface.  In turn releasing the anxiety and stress associated with the imprint. Every time someone makes a change to release an imprint, the effect goes far beyond that individual and creates a greater wave in that persons circle. 

Why is this so important?  Karma is the law of cause and effect.  What you create as a positive influence on others so will they return the energy.    

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Wishing You Health And Abundance 

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