What kind of results can i expect?

The results are based on your personal commitment to follow the suggestions and directions that are given to you. The responsibility of change is always your choice.  Deciding that you are ready for the change is the first step.  

How long will it take before I get results?

It all depends on the reasons for the change and the decision you have made to commit yourself to the process of change.

Quitting smoking can take as little as one session and weight management takes minimum of 4 sessions (one per week).  The reason for this is the length of time it takes to address the issues surrounding the weight loss. Ongoing sessions may need to be addressed depending on additional support and the amount of weight that you need to loose.  hat kind of results can i expect?

 Sports performance and business and lifestyle coaching needs to be assessed to determine goals and directions and sessions are individual and ongoing depending on the outcome you are reaching for.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

We all experience some form of trance throughout the day as a natural state.  However if you do not want to be hypnotized you won't be.  The choice is yours.

You are in complete control when hypnotized and you are able to hear and be aware of all your surroundings while in trance.  It is much like meditation only easier.  Hypnosis helps the communication between the unconscious and conscious mind enabling access to amazing resources.  

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

We are all born with the ability to do anything in life, wether it is playing golf, swimming, creating music, cooking and anything else that comes to mind.  But the essence of how successful we are in each of these endeavors depends on the ability to control our nervous system. 

Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingNeuro teaches you how to communicate more effectively with yourself and others.  is about neurological systems and how we experience the world through our senses and translate these thoughts into conscious and unconscious processes.  LinguisticProgramming is the way humans make sense of the experiences of the world both in written and verbal language, and how we communicate our experiences to others. is how we mentally represent our experiences and the thinking patterns that you use to make decisions, solve problems, assess different situations and create to get the results you want. Repetitive behavior and patterns, negative or positive is created as a result of our programming. 

Recoding can be done to these experiences that will enhance or take away the intensity of a positive or negative situation.  It can turn a negative belief into a positive, more supportive belief that enables change to take place in your environment.  It is the key to moving forward, becoming more productive and being more focused on the goals you want to achieve. 

NLP can be described as the key to learning, the study and science of communication. Having faith in yourself to get to the desired result is essential in creating change.  Influencing with integrity is an amazing outcome.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of total physical and mental relaxation. You are completely aware of your surroundings  and open to useful and beneficial suggestions.  Hypnosis has the power and ability to unleash the unconscious mind to create lasting change that unharnesses new beliefs and behaviours.  It helps by creating an avenue for the unconscious mind to connect to the conscious enabling us to reach our best resources that are deep within us.  Don't let stress or disease take over your life.  Use the power of the mind, your mind to create the change necessary to help in all areas.  You have the control, you indeed have the power, stop getting in your own way and let your unconscious mind create what it was intended to do.

Hypnosis does not control you in any way, and anyone who does not want to be hypnotized will not be hypnotized. You are not induced to say or do anything that violates your personal standards or integrity.

Hypnosis simply extends your will power.  If you want to loose weight or gain confidence, hypnosis accesses your unconscious mind to create the strength that will help you achieve your conscious goals.  You are in total control. It is easy, comfortable and works deep within the subconscious to create lasting results.

Benefits of NLP & Hypnosis

  • Pain control
  • Improved productivity
  • Self confidence
  • Clarity, focus
  • Weight management / Healthier eating habits
  • Stop smoking
  • Sleep better
  • No phobias
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management
  • Control bad habits
  • Increased concentration
  • Less anxiety, more peace of mind                                           
  • More energy                                                    
  • Motivation
  • Sports / skills performance enhancement
  • Personal development
  • Enhancement of learning ability / memory
  • Better influence with people around you
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