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What is NLP

I think I can

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Henry Ford

Always believe, always try and just remember failure is a stepping stone to success.

Devineness comes from within, strength in choice comes from within, if we are not satisfied with where we are at this moment we have the choice to change.  Imperfections are a part of us, don't use them as an excuse but use them as a tool to create direction.  Learn from them, develop strengths based on our knowledge of what works and does not work.  

Our weakness teaches us to be strong.  It guides us and taps us on our shoulder when we second guess ourselves.  Being in love with ourself for many is a challenge, we find many things that we are constantly wanting to improve.  We need to  be easier on ourself.  Being loving and giving and devine in our choices eases our challengers, and if it is right, the choice becomes easy.  

Gratitude for many is confusing, how can we feel gratiutde when we are not happy with what we have personally.  If you find the feeling of gratitude difficult, don't worry so much.  Keep saying thank you and you will begin to feel gratitude naturally. Feeling gratitude will change how you look at things and how they respond back to you.  

You are what you believe

We all are guilty at some point of second guessing our selves, and often wondering what if. In order ot be successful the belief in yourself is of utmost importance and urgency. We tend to be as humans, a product of what we learn from others, and in order to facilitate change in ourselves we need to start becoming ourselves.  Simply put, we need to take control of our thoughts our behaviours and our inherient right to succeed in our destiny.  More often than not we blame others for where we are today, as a restult delaying our future and our right for inner freedom.  We take that same blame energy and inconvenience ourselves and our future, using it as an excuse. Some of us may have been dealt a hardship or what we think are uncontrollable circumstances but dwelling on those circumstances only takes our losses and negative energy to a greater level.  

We need to accept what has happened in our lives, acknowledge the fact that we can not change those events and begin to work towards a better future. A more successful outcome, one that we are indeed proud of and gain great respect for.  Not respect necessarily from others but respect from ourselves.  You see inner respect creates strength and forward movemnet both in our thoughts and actions.  We learn to listen to our intuitive self, what feels right from the core.  

Self Development

Today I was listening to Barbara Corcoran (real estate mogul and business expert) and John Maxwell (international speaker, author and pastor) on a CD that was sent to me.  I subscribe to Success Magazine and each month I receive empowering cd's from different speakers, I frequently play them in my car while driving. For me it is the best time to listen and learn.  There are no interuptions and the messages are quite inspiring and energizing. It creates a rush in me that becomes quite creative. 

I often take a piece of information that I learn and apply it to my own businesses.  It is a great way to be mentored from the best, the most successful and from people who have gone through as an entrepreneur, what I am experiencing myself.   Being a multitasker, I tend to find the easiest route to knowledge. 

Today I learned that both Barbara Corcoran and I had something in common when we were younger.  Barbara got fired from a job at 23 and so did I.  At the time I didn't think that was very funny or encouraging, however as I moved on, I found it to be a change that was needed in order for me to explore a route to my own destiny.  Like wise with Barbara, she used it as a stepping stone and motivational tool to become the mogul she is today.  In listening to others who are also successful, there seems to be many stories that are similar.  Steve Jobs was also fired from a job with and IT firm only to create an amazing company himself (Apple Inc).  Please understand, In no way am I saying that I am on the same level as some of my mentors, but I am striving for the same success.  

Insight and Perspective

I have been through a great deal of trauma and through it all have remained a very positive inspired individual who constantly strives for knowledge and self development.   We all have room to grow and expand our spirit, and what keeps us doing so is the desire to change, in some way.  When i was sick, I had this intense knowing inside of me that no matter how bad or weak I became, I had a life left inside of me, I had a purpose.   

What ignights our passions and our beliefs to turn into behaviours? What keeps us moving forward?  What keeps us standing still? 

These for some, are difficult questions to answer without going deeper into ones subconscious.  What I do know is that we have the capability of changing whatever we choose to do or have done in the past.  As Jim Rohn once said "it is not the wind that determins your destination, it is the set of the sail"

I use to ask myself why it has took me so long to understand my path, and why so long to discover my passion.  I realize that thinking this way, only serves as an obstacle.  The more I thought this way, the slower I moved and the less productive I became.    Thinking about the past will just keep us there.  Discover the future by embracing our mistakes, delays, emotions, and experiences as who we are now, in this moment.  No matter how long it took us to get to this point.  

Any Age

Jim Rohn once said 

"it is not the wind that determines your path, it is the set of the sail"

As we age we believe, preconceived or otherwise that our path is determined by our history.  Some believe since we were born, others believe it is the environment we were exposed to as a child.  To some degree that has a truth, however it is the set of the sail, the choices and actions that you make that change the way you create your life at any one moment in time.  
The choices we make direct our future and these choices can be controlled starting today, whether you are 5 or 85. 

Our bodies follow our beliefs.  If we feel sad or weak, we will create that believe into a tangible emotion or behaviour.  In other words if we believe we are unable to survive illness, then our chances of improvement will be slim.  On the other hand if our mind believes that our bodies are strong and capable of wonderful things then the body will follow suit, and you will have strength on your side.  It is in the power of our mind that we create, wealth, health, happiness and adventure at any age. 

Stress, Cortisol And Aging

Stress, cortisol and aging.

As we age, the need to exercise become increasingly more important. We postpone our routine of exercise because we are so preoccupied with our day to day events and ever increasing stresses in our lives. Our stresses build up over time to create illnesses that quite often can be avoided by simple everyday routines of increasing the heart rate for a period of time, having a quiet moment to ourselves, or changing some eating pattern one meal at a time.

Cortisol is a natural hormone produced in the adrenal cortex. What triggers the hormone release is a stimulating hormone called ATCH which is produced in the pituitary (adrenal) gland. Cortisol plays an important role in regulating blood sugar, energy production, inflammation, healing and our immune systems.

If you do not have enough cortisol you may suffer exhaustion, fatigue and Addison’s disease (a disease of the endocrine system). Weight gain (especially around the abdomen), depressed immune function, accelerated aging and stomach ulcers are all symptoms of this condition.

Personal Power

Recently i had the opportunity to talk at the NLP Canada Hope Symposium.

I had been given ten minutes to create a story of my life thus far that has lasted decades.  It was a condensed version, a short version of my life and  It was the first time i had spoken in front of so many people.  I was nervous with fear, not fear of telling my story but fear of not knowing what people would care to listen to. I didn't think i had a story of any importance and i certainly didn't think that it would have impact or be of any value to people in the audience.  

I was both humbled and amazed at the outcome and feed back i received. 

People found benefit to what they heard, and even consider changing their perspectives to create a more appealing path for themselves.  

I had created forward momentum in the worst of times and this created inspiration to others who face similar blockages. 

I have always admired someone who faces adversary and came out of it strong and controlled, but never thought i was the one facing it until people pointed it out to me. You see i continued along my journey thinking nothing more or less than i have always done.  I have survived disease, surgeries and have been given my last rights. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have met and been inspired by many people along the way and I see, hear and feel Angelic presence often.  I believe in the capability of knowing we have the capacity to create greatness and strength within our worlds by being present. I also beleive that people have strength within them.  Knowing how to unleash this power is the key. 

Creating Personal Power - 1

Creating personal power is a result of being honest and direct with people. 

In sales, customers are more likely to deal with someone they can trust and who has a reputation of being honest and direct.  It creates greater comfort within the interaction between people knowing there is no added or hidden agenda. 

When you interact with people you can change their behaviour to change results.

People care about results and outcome, and when you change your outcome, people around you will change to suit the intention in place.  Change starts at the heart and when people accept the change they take it as a challenge not a hurdle.  

A LIFE and BUSINESS coach acts as a change agent and when a coach is introduced to an individual or organization the aim is to establish congruency and balance within the personal space and environment. Coaches help individuals or groups improve their personal power, leadership skills and environment so they can effectively influence others into change.  This in turn creates greater success in all areas that are connected to both the individual and the organizational environment. 


I have often been asked what is the difference between meditation and hypnosis.

They are both a state of trance and depending on the depth, both have amazing healing properties.  When i work with clients in an hypnotic state they are in a deep controlled focus, completely aware of the environment they are in and are able at any time to leave the trance.

Meditation is much the same and can take you into a deep trance state.  We work with our unconscious mind in a meditative / hypnotic state accessing incredible resources that allow us to unravel resources that normally would not be reached in our conscious state.

Hypnosis and meditation are valuable tools for helping reduce stress and stress related diseases such as high blood pressure, heart related problems, diabetes, anxiety, sleeplessness and much more.  When stressed our cortisol levels increase reducing the effectiveness of our immune systems.  This in turn opens up the doors for illness within our immune systems. 

Meditation, practiced regularly can and will create an amazing world with patience, control and peace. When starting meditation, try five to ten minutes a day, slowly expanding it to 20 or 30 minutes.  It takes practice, but a practice that is well worth the effort.

What is NLP?

We are all born with the ability to do anything in life, wether it is playing golf, swimming, creating art, cooking and anything else that comes to mind.  But the essence of how successful we are in each of these endeavors depends on the ability to control our nervous system. Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches you how to communicate more effectively with yourself and others.  

Neuro is about neurological systems and how we experience the world through our senses and translate these thoughts into conscious and unconscious processes.  

Linguistic is the way humans make sense of the experiences of the world both in written and verbal language. 

Programming is how we mentally represent our experiences and the thinking patterns that you use to make decisions, solve problems, assess different situations and create to get the results you want. 

Recoding can be done to these experiences that will enhance or take away the intensity of a positive or negative situation.  It can turn a negative belief into a positive, more supportive belief that enables change to take place in your environment.  It is the key to moving forward, becoming more productive and being more focused on the goals you want to achieve. 

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